Moving Forward Together: Harmonizing Indigenous Wellness in Medicine and Health Practices

The following post is a reflection I contributed to, along with three other physiotherapists, after attending a conference on the Six Nations reserve. We wrote it for the CPA Global Health Division’s monthly e-blast and they were kind enough to let me re-post it here. Thanks to Miriam Beatty, Katie Gasparelli, and Corey Kim for […]

The President’s Speech

I have been reading Oliver Sacks’ book The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat and his observations are thought-provoking. In particular, in the chapter The President’s Speech, he described patients who had aphasia as they watched the President speaking. Although many of them could not understand the words the President was saying, they were […]

Research Review #1 – Comprehensive physiotherapy exercise programme or advice for chronic whiplash (PROMISE): a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

In an effort to keep sharpening my critical appraisal skills, I am going to start a research review series where I choose one article to summarize and discuss in each blog post. In each post, I will summarize the study’s methods and results, discuss its strengths/limitations, and talk about how it may affect my practice. […]